Erik Vance scrutinizes a battle over dolphin rights

for The Open Notebook
Published: November 2011

Reporting from the trenches in the war over dolphin rights, freelance science writer Erik Vance relates the story of Lori Marino and Diana Reiss, dolphin researchers who have spent most of their careers as close colleagues and friends

Just the Towhee of Us

for California
Published: Summer 2006

In 2006 I interviewed an expert in back yard love songs. Take a walk in the Bay Area hill s and listen for a very unusual type of duet.

Natural Habitat: Erik Vance

for The Open Notebook
Published: October 2012

To see the slideshow, click here.
In our “Natural Habitat” series, we invite science writers to share their working spaces — offices, spare bedrooms, coffee shops, hammocks — and the accoutrements that help them do their best work. (If you’d like to nominate your office to be featured at Natural Habitat, let …

The human cost of cocaine

for Mornings with Nicole Dyer (Australia)
Published: February 2015

Conversation about the cultural costs of cocaine use. Click below or visit the website. Start at 7:40

Story Collider: Is This Biology?

In October 2015, I appeared with Story Collider to talk about porcupines, Satan worshippers, and biology.

Nieman Storyboard: “Scientists are quirky everywhere”

for Nieman Storyboard
Published: December 2015

Biologist-turned-journalist Erik Vance on incorporating science into narrative stories

A Day in the Life of Erik Vance

for The Open Notebook
Published: October 2015

An online resource by science journalists dedicated to science journalism as craft.

Story Collider: The Biology of Pig Shit

In early 2016 I tell a story onstage about the chemistry of pig manure.

The Mysterious Decline of the Mayan Empire

for The Leonard Lopate Show
Guest: Erik Vance