A Day in the Life of Erik Vance

for The Open Notebook
Published: October 2015

An online resource by science journalists dedicated to science journalism as craft.

Story Collider: The Biology of Pig Shit

In early 2016 I tell a story onstage about the chemistry of pig manure.

The Mysterious Decline of the Mayan Empire

for The Leonard Lopate Show
Guest: Erik Vance

Excerpt: Remembering Childhood Trauma That Never Happened

for New York Magazine

Published: November 2016

New York Magazine ran an excerpt from my book, Suggestible You, introducing the concept of false memories.

Podcast: Erik Vance – Suggestible You

for Learning To Go

Published: Nov 3, 2016

I appeared on the podcast Learning to Go to apply the ideas of suggestibility to the world of development and learning.

Just a Little Suggestion – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) – Episode 594

for This Week In Science

Published: Nov 23, 2016

I appeared on the sassy, irreverent podcast TWIS to talk about placebos hypnosis and other crazy, mind-bending business.

The Future of the Global Fishery

for The Leonard Lopate Show
Guest: Erik Vance

Suggestible to Healing-Placebo Science, guest Erik Vance

for Spark My Muse

Published: November 2016

I appeared on Spark My Muse, with Lisa DeLay