Interview: Happening Now

for Happening Now
I appeared on a national news show to talk about the book and the cover story.

Interpretive panel at the San Jose Airport

Every now and again I do random adventures in science writing like this interpretive panel now on display just outside of the San Jose Airport. The text is mine, the images are, sadly, not.

TEDX: Chronic Pain – Shedding the Second Dark Age

Published: September 26, 2017

Chronic Pain: Shedding the Second Dark Age

Bay Trail Interpretive Panel

An interpretive panel I helped conceive with Cathy Reinhard of NatureGraphic Interpretive Design. Somewhere on the Peninsula near Redwood City.

PBS NewsHour: The placebo effect’s role in healing, explained

for PBS NewsHour

Published: April 11, 2018

I traveled with a film crew to Huatla, Mexico, and Baltimore, Maryland, to understand the intersection of science, faith and healing.

Darwin and Emma

Found audio files of Charles Darwin having a bit of a spat with his wife Emma.

Mendel and His Boss

Gregor Mendel called to task by his boss.

How Sustainable is Your Fish?

On KQED discussing sustainable fish.

Climate Comic #1

Created in collaboration with Damon Guthrie.