Natural Habitat: Erik Vance

for The Open Notebook

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In our “Natural Habitat” series, we invite science writers to share their working spaces — offices, spare bedrooms, coffee shops, hammocks — and the accoutrements that help them do their best work. (If you’d like to nominate your office to be featured at Natural Habitat, let us know.)

Today we drop in on Erik Vance, an award-winning freelance writer who has written forDiscoverNatureThe New York TimesThe Christian Science MonitorConservation, and many other publications. Over the next month or so, aided by funding from The Pulitzer Center, Vance and photographer Dominic Bracco II will follow anthropologists and ocean scientists along the Sea of Cortez, traveling on shrimp boats, and visiting indigenous villages. They’ve started blogging about their adventure on the Center’s new In the Field blog.