Podcast: Erik Vance – Suggestible You

for Learning To Go

Science journalist Erik Vance has written a fascinating and informative book on how your brain can affect the way you perceive, remember and feel about the world around you. Perhaps one of the most important points he brings out is that so-called psychological effects, such as placebos, are physiologically real – there are actually physical, chemical and molecular changes taking place in your brain that product these effects. As learning professionals, this book will help you make sense of key topics like the Growth Mindset, the power of expectations and the power of the brain to change. He also talks about the darker side of suggestibility and how we can avoid being taken in by false memories or misinformation.

Suggestible You is an accessible book that is also chock full of scientific facts, with plenty of annotations for those who want dig deeper. Follow Erik on his journey to understand the mind and you won’t be disappointed.